UPDATE 05/07/20


As virtual classes continue to be the current method of fitness classes, I have decided to give an introductory class for FREE to any new participants wanting to try a class. The costs of classes remains manageable at £3.50 per class or just £7.00 gives you access to all the weeks classes.​ An invitation to join the class will be sent on receipt of payment.


With the start of virtual classes a success, I have decided to continue with a special offer for this month only. £3.50 per class or just £7.00 gives you access to all the weeks classes.​ An invitation to join the class will be sent on receipt of payment.


As we continue in lockdown and find ourselves challenged in many ways, I have set up online sessions - take some time for you, get that release and commit to be becoming the best version of yourself! Each class is created with exciting new workouts to challenge, motivate and inspire! 


OK - confession, following surgery etc I have fallen off the wagon with my fitness and it really shows.... Not impressed with myself. So today I have myself an Easter treat, 45 minute Kettlercise workout in the garden and now some movement everyday to get me back and ready to deliver more fun fitness!!!


As I faced this pause in physical training due to major surgery, I took the opportunity to further my training! I have qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist!!!!!


I now have an Instagram account.... Please take a look @physicalex_fitness



Target those troublesome areas with


'Core & More'

A Body conditioning workout focused on core muscle groups and those troublesome areas. This class will help you sculpt and re-shape a better you through a variety of exercises designed to strengthen and tone.  

With varying formats to ensure that you never get bored... it could range from choreography to interval training but you can be assured of a workout that will leave you feeling those specific areas.



£3.50 per class

£7.00 per week

(access to all classes)


Using ZOOM



Change your body, using just your body - PiYO Live!


Shape sleek, long arms, sexy, flat abs, and a tight, lifted butt in this low-impact, high-intensity, total-body workout. Inspired by the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates and the strength and flexibility of flowing yoga movements, it’s an innovative bodyweight workout that gives you so much more.

We crank up the music, the speed, and the fun to give you a thrilling workout that will burn crazy calories for a long, lean, beautiful physique. Blending dynamic poses with fluid movements, you’ll build strength, burn calories, and improve flexibility, athleticism, and mind-body connection.

Do you want to shape and sculpt your body with full body workouts?


Kettlercise® is THE single most effective Kettlebell fat burning workout… This program delivers a lean, toned body without the look of huge bulky muscles…

It’s a stimulating, invigorating, safe and easy-to-follow, kettlebell inspired, calorie blitzing, fat blasting program and people everywhere are loving the lightening quick RESULTS!

Classes will improve your cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone,  alongside the amazing fat burning results.

Kettlercise® H.Core® is predominantly a double kettlebell workout with the same principles as Kettlercise® but more advanced.

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